Saving Buffer on Postgres bytea with TypeORM only store 10 bytes

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Saving Buffer on Postgres bytea with TypeORM only store 10 bytes

I’m trying to save some images on a postgres db, but only 10 bytes of data are being saved.

The flow is something like this:

I receive a base64 encoded string on my server, then i load that to a Buffer, set it to my entity and save it.
But then a try to restore that information from db and i’m getting only 10 bytes of data, verified with octet_length() on a query.

My entity attribute definition:

@Column({ "name": "entima_imagem", "type": "bytea", "nullable": false })
entima_imagem: Buffer;

The code where i receive the data and save it:

entity.entima_imagem = Buffer.from(base64String, "base64");
const repository = this.getRepositoryTarget(Entity);
const saved = await<any>(entity);

On the server, before saving, i’m writing the file on disc and i can visualize it without problem.

Solution :

Based on that comment and the idea of bytea hex format from there I did the following:

Decoded the Buffer to a hex string, escaped it with x and then loaded it to a Buffer again.

entity.entima_imagem = Buffer.from("\x" + Buffer.from(base64String, "base64").toString("hex"));

Now the data is saved without problems and i can retrieve them just as it’s supposed to be.

It didn’t look so elegant, but solved the problem for now.

I had similar issue. It looks like typeorm has problems with 0x00 byte. It slices everything starting from first 0 byte.

A similar workaround worked for me:

@Column({ type: "bytea", nullable: false })
public file: Buffer;

while saving:

log.file = ("\x" + file.toString( "hex" )) as any;

Creating a buffer from “\x”+content string as @JDuwe suggested didn’t work for me.
I had to provide a string to typeorm, not Buffer.

Maybe since the last answer postgres or typeorm solved it, but on the latest version of both i managed to make this work without any “hack”
here is the code for entity column

    name: 'imageData',
    type: 'bytea',
    nullable: false,
imageData: Buffer;

and only thing i did that converted base64 string to Buffer, but this is unrelated to typeorm

 constructor(imageDataBase64: string) {
    if (imageDataBase64) {
        this.imageData = Buffer.from(imageDataBase64, 'base64');

Even I use sync feature of typeorm

During retrival:


and i got back the original base64 string which can be inserted into webpage as image

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