npm audit only for production dependencies?

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npm audit only for production dependencies?

Currently, when running npm audit in a project, it checks both the dependencies and the devDependencies. I am looking for a way to only check the dependencies. Is there currently a way to do so?

Solution :

Support for --production flag was released in npm 6.10.0

npm audit --production

The --omit flag was added in npm 7.x and is now preferred.

npm audit --omit=dev

You should use --omit=dev rather than --production according to warnings on more recent npm versions:

$ npm audit --production
npm WARN config production Use `--omit=dev` instead.

It seems to be deprecated as of npm v8.7.0. I wasn’t able to confirm, but this PR seems the most relevant from my research:

Looking into the PR’s description, it’s possible you should be specifying --omit peer as well.

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